Memorial Field
The following pictures were taken on the afternoon of November 10, 2013 and show the bleachers being dismantled at Memorial Field in Newell. At the time, the visitor side was completely removed and work had begun on the home side. Also most of the chain link fence had been taken down.

The Hancock Commissioners bought the stadium property from the Hancock County school board in December 2012 for $400,000. The Memorial gates and pillars at the entrance will stay, but everything else is to be removed. One of the bottom photo shows 3.7 acres of land is available for sale or lease.

Memorial Field

Behind the gates.

Home side concession stand

Home side

Home side bleachers partially dismantled

Visitor Side

Visitor side restrooms and concessions

Inside the visitor side concessions stand.

Back of the press box that used to be on the visitor side.

The next five photos were taken during the first week of November 2013 when work was wrapping up on the visitor side bleachers.

The last three photos were taken during the first week of December 2013 when the home side bleachers were taken down.

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