Zapun Decorated Ware
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Zapun Ceramics, Inc. was based out of New York. It was owned and operated by Gerhart and Shari Zapun. They specialized in creating gift ware by purchasing blank wares from potteries and decorating them with decals and gold embellishment. Besides offering dinnerware, they also sold vases, lamps, and other novelty pieces. Zapun Ceramics sold wares primarily in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

If a blank had a pottery's backstamp, they would cover it up with either a gold rectangle or decal. Markings will sometimes have "Lecot China" included in the Zapun over stamp.

With respect to dinnerware, Zapun acquired most of their blanks from the W. S. George Pottery Company as well as the Hall China Company. They used other pottery's wares as well, but not as frequently. Zapun decorated Homer Laughlin pieces are somewhat rare.

1949 Zapun advert. Here they decorated W. S. George's Bolero shape.

An OvenServe bean pot by HLC. Decorated by Zapun in the 1940s.

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