Washington D.C. Plate by Homer Laughlin
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On December 23, 1941, records indicated the 10" plate originally developed for Fruit Skin Glazes was being ordered as a special souvenir plate. Art Director at HLC, Frederick Rhead wrote in his journals:
Mr. J. M. Wells asks for a plate with 6 famous American Scenes from Washington similar to the Vernon Kilns pattern. It is to be the Rope plate without the rim and in Ivory body. The subjects to be incorporated into one all-over design are: 1. Mount Vernon, 2. Capitol, 3. White House. 4. Washington Monument, 5. National Gallery of Art, 6. Supreme Court Building. Also U. S. Seal. To be printed first in Willow Blue.
The special plate was made for F. W. Woolworth stores in 1942 using the same underglaze technique and blue glaze from the Willow line. These plates are usually marked with the HLC backstamp also in blue.

Washington D.C. plate from 1942.

From company records, the DC plate with its treatment number, W-242.

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