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Ohio and Virginia Jugs

The Ohio and Virginia shape jugs were part of Homer Laughlin's White Granite Staples and were first made in the early 1900s. The Ohio jug has a low, rounded body while the Virginia jug has straight sides. Each was made in six different sizes. Company catalogs and literature lists them in the following trade sizes; 12s, 24s, 30s, 36s, 42s, 48s. The 42s and 48s were rather small. A 42s would be about the size of a regular creamer and the 48s the size of a demitasse creamer. The 12s was the largest size, but it was the 24s that was most often used. A 24s Ohio jug is roughly 5" tall. The a 24s Virginia jug is slightly taller at 5 1/2".

The Ohio jug was no longer listed in company catalogs by 1910. The Virginia jug was listed in the 1914 HLC catalog, but it was discontinued shortly thereafter. As a result, Virginia jugs may be a little easier to find than their Ohio counterparts. Expect to find both styles of jugs with a wide assortment of treatments and marked as shown.

24s Virginia jugs (back) and a 30s Virginia jug (front).

24s Ohio jugs. The example with the dogs on the right comes from the "Caledon" line.

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