Trellis by Homer Laughlin
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Trellis was first offered in the very late 1920s. The flatware (and overall assortment) is basically the same as the Newell shape, but has periodic embossings on the rim of two different trellis designs. The hollowware has a flattened look in contrast to Newell's rounder shapes.

The line was used as a basis for Quaker Oats promotions. Such pieces are marked simply, "Trellis." Otherwise, most items will carry the general HLC backstamp. If a piece of Trellis has a single digit such as a "1" or "2" as the year for the date code as in B 1 N 8 or D 2 N 8, this it is from 1931 or 1932. Many make the mistake these are from 1921 or 1922.

Most treatments used on Trellis are stylized floral decals but some solid colors exist such as green and light yellow -- two glazes popular in the Depression era. Another type of treatment unique to Trellis involved the handles and finials with hand-painted trim work in either green, red, orange, black, and platinum in various combinations on the light yellow glaze.

Trellis flatware isn't terribly difficult to locate, but the hollowware is a different story. The line was discontinued shortly after 1932 making its production run less than six years.

1929 advertisements for Trellis

Peaslee-Gaulbert Corp advertisement for Trellis, dated November 8, 1929.

Roman Pheasant on Trellis

Trellis 10"plate

Trellis cup and saucer

Trellis covered sugar for Quaker Oats

Trellis gravy liner/pickle dish

Gravy faststand in light yellow glaze and medallion decals

Gravy faststand in light yellow glaze and yellow rose decals

Two of the five sizes of Trellis jugs. The two smaller ones are 48s jugs and the larger is a 24s jug.

Trellis casserole with green trim, pattern T-36

Trellis sauceboat and liner, pattern T-36

Trellis cake plate, sugar, and creamer, pattern T-12

Trellis teapot, pattern T-12

Trellis teapot, T-36

Trellis teapot

Trellis bakers in light yellow and green glazes

Trellis teapot with tulip decals

Trellis casserole, T-22

Trellis casserole, T-97

Trellis casserole, T-8

Trellis casserole, specialty pattern

Casserole with pattern T-23, black and platinum trim

Trellis 10 ¼" baker with tulip decals

Trellis 36s bowl types: left to right: regular 36s bowl, 36s oyster bowl, and a 36s oatmeal bowl

Trellis cake plate

Trellis 7 ½ nappy

Trellis 8" plates with game birder decals and green wash trim from 1930

Trellis shop sample plates from the collection of the Fiesta® Tableware Company.
The last two patterns shown (5114-2 and C-176) did not go into production.

Close-up of an alternate Trellis 9" plate with added flutes along the rim.

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