Toilet Ware by Homer Laughlin
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The Homer Laughlin China Company began making toilet ware in the 1880s. Over a dozen different shapes were made until it was finally phased out in the late 1920s. Sets were made for the home as well as for use in hospitals and hotels.

A standard set for the home was made up of: a chamber pot - usually a one handled bowl with a lid, a slop jar - larger than a chamber pot with handles on either side, a combinet - similar to a slop jar, but with a wire handle, a covered soap dish - often with a circular insert, shaving mug, brush jar, two sizes of ewers, and a basin.

It's not uncommon to find dealers today misidentifying brush jar as a flower vase, a shaving mug as a regular drinking mug, a soap dish as a covered sugar, and a chamber pot as a covered casserole.

Here are the verified HLC toilet ware shapes with approximate dates of production:

  • Victor, 1884
  • Etruscan, 1886
  • Denver, 1887
  • Lenox, 1890
  • Cable, 1890s
  • Nanita, 1893
  • Florentine, 1895
  • Arno, late 1890s
  • Superba, late 1890s - 1906
  • Catalina*, late 1890s - very early 1900s
  • Mingo, 1902 - 1929
  • Wyoming (Majestic), 1902 - late 1910s
  • Bridal, 1902 - late 1910s
  • Duchess, 1905 - 1929

    (*) While the Catalina set was discontinued early, the large ewer and basin continued production into the late 1920s as plain white ware.

    Below are just a few examples of toilet ware shapes and treatments made by the Homer Laughlin China Company.

  • From an 1895 catalog - HLC's Florentine shape with decoration number 1240

    Catalina shapes

    Superba shapes

    Mingo shapes

    Wyoming shapes

    Standard Toilet set from 1914: HLC's Bridal shape.
    Top Row: Chamber Pot, Combinet, Shaving Mug, Covered Soap Dish, Brush Jar, Mouth Ewer.
    Bottom Row: Slop Jar, Slop Pail, Ewer and Basin.

    HLC's Duchess shape.

    HLC's Arno shape from an 1899 catalog.

    Other Toilet Wares made by Homer Laughlin, circa 1903.
    Top row: Male Urinal, Female Urnial, Soap Dish, Hanging Soap
    Middle row: Chamber Pot, Chamberette, Bed Pan
    Bottom row: Combinet (Lenox shape), Combinet (Monterey Shape), Ewer and Basin.

    Duchess ewer and basin with pattern number 2317

    Superba slop jar with pattern 1340 and pink foot

    Florentine shape slop jar

    Monterey Combinet

    Mouth ewers, left to right: pattern 7074 on Wyoming, 1340 on Superba, and 7085 on Mingo.

    Bridal ewers, #2216 - left, #2218 - right

    #2173 on Mingo (left) and #2164 on Wyoming

    Wyoming mouth ewer with pattern 2166½

    Mingo mouth ewer with pattern 7003

    Wyoming shape covered soap dish

    Duchess shape brush holders and mouth ewer with Greek Key, #2234. On the far left is pattern 2335

    Pattern #2083 on a Superba mouth ewer along with a Mingo brush vase, and a Wyoming large ewer.

    Mingo ewer, pattern #7004

    Denver shape ewer, pattern #1213

    Catalina with pattern #1278 1/2, Wyoming ewer, #714

    Bridal Shaving mugs

    Catalina large ewer

    Duchess slop jar

    Brush jars, (l-r); Nanita, Mingo, and Bridal shapes.

    Wyoming shape brush jars (far left has pattern #2164).

    "Lilacs" (pattern 2208), on Bridal.

    Unidentified shape mouth ewer with its backstamp.

    Bridal shaving mugs. (Middle has SH-48).

    Superba shape brush jar and shaving mug.

    Bridal mouth ewer and brush vase with poppy pattern 2226.

    Bridal mouth ewer with pattern 2263.

    Shaving mugs; Duchess (left) and Superba (right)

    Brush vases; Mingo with red tint and Duchess wtih gold stamps

    Wyoming shaving mugs. (Middle has pattern SH-51).

    Soap Slabs

    Lenox shape covered chamber pot

    Wyoming brush vase and soap slab

    Mingo bush vases and shaving mug
    The green pattern is #7002, the gold is #2173

    Duchess brush vase, covered soap, and shaving mug.
    The pattern on the right is #2291, "Crown and Ribbon Noveau"

    Duchess shaving mug, brush vase, and a Bridal shaving mug

    Wyoming shape shaving mugs

    Mingo brush vases with a Bridal brush vase in the center

    Wyoming brush vases and a Bridal shaving mug

    Holly and gold stamp, pattern 2284 on the Duchess shape.

    The following pictures come from the research files of Joanne Jasper and are posted here with permission.

    Duchess Shape

    Briadal Shape

    Victor Shape

    Superba Shape

    Six patterns on HLC's Mingo shape, made for United China & Glass Co.
    These are listed in the 1903 Price Scale Catalog as:
    Gold stamp collar and pendant gold edge.
    Plain tint, green, neck tinted inside and out, and half body tint and handles.
    Flower and fern gold border, edge and neck line.
    Plain tint, pink, neck tinted inside and out, and half body tint and handles.
    Gold stamp collar and festoon, gold edge.
    Plain tint, blue, neck tinted inside and out, and half body tint and handles.

    Sample mouth ewers, cut in half and marked with their treatment numbers for HLC sales reps.

    Left to right: (no number) Duchess shape, #2328 on Duchess, #2325 on Duchess, #2267 on Bridal.

    Left to right: #2343 on Wyoming, #2347 on Duchess, #2348 on Duchess, #2294 on Duchess (broken).

    Left to right: #2174 on Mingo (broken), #2291 on Duchess, #2264 on Bridal, #2266 on Bridal.

    Left to right: #2387 on Mingo, (no number) Duchess shape, #2268 on Bridal, #431 on Wyoming.

    Left to right: #2346 on Duchess, #2238 on Mingo, #2329 on Duchess, #2239 on Mingo.

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