Tea Rose by Homer Laughlin
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In the fall of 1936, a new shape was designed at HLC called, "Italian." This scalloped/petal design mimicked other popular petal shapes of the day such as "Toulon" by Mt. Clemens Pottery Co., and "Rainbow" by W. S. George. The new lines was being developed during the same time as Tango dinnerware and both have similar features. In October 1936, only the Italian 7" plate had been modeled. Attention was given to Tango and eventually Tango pieces were selected for Quaker Oats breakfast sets. However, Tango was rejected by Quaker Oats.

In 1937, more pieces were added to the singleton Italian set: the oatmeal and fruit cup in January, and in February, a teacup and saucer. By March, the original Italian plate was reduced in siz to 6 5/8". The name, "Tea Rose" was given to the line and a new backstamp was made by mid-April.

As with Chelsea, Tea Rose is rather easy to find with small floral sprigs as well as decals used on other HLC shapes. Larger pieces of Tea Rose could be purchased and the buyer could create dinnerware sets. These additional pieces are much harder to find than the smaller breakfast set items and may or may not be marked with a general HLC backstamp. The three larger pieces added to Tea Rose were the 9" plate, round serving bowl, and the 11 1/2" platter.

Tea Rose examples and marking, pattern QO-16.

Tea Rose 9" plate

Tea Rose 9" plate

Tea Rose cup in old ivory and saucer in Harlequin yellow.

These were photographed at HLC and are probably test pieces for Quaker Oats.
Don't expect to find Tea Rose in solid color glazes in the collector market.

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