Spoon Holders by Homer Laughlin
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The spoon holder (also called a spoon rest) was designed by Don Schreckengost in 1955. It was one of three modeled that year and the only one put into production.

It was sold as part of the Harlequin line through Woolworth stores. Even though there were six Harlequin glazes available in the mid-1950s, it has been found in only three: turquoise, forest green, and Harlequin yellow. To date, none have surfaced in gray, rose, and chartreuse. A few rare examples exist in medium green and Fiesta red which implies the spoon holder was still in production in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Spoon holders were also made in plain white and white with decals as shown below. Compared to the others, American Provincial is somewhat easy to find. Spoon holders weren't marked with a backstamp, however some Harlequin versions can be found with their original stickers.

Hall China revived the spoon holder shape for China Specialties in the 1990s which were marked with a China Specialties/Hall backstamp.


Forest Green

Harlequin Yellow

American Provincial

Rhythm Rose

Rosebud decals

Pattern HLS-244

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