Spittoons by Homer Laughlin
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From the late 1800s to early 1900s, the Homer Laughlin China Company made several different shapes of spittoons. They were generally classified under Sundry Toilet Wares in catalogs. However larger ones, namely the Senator, come from Laughlin Art China.

Spittoon shapes include:

  • Ivy Leaf*
  • Manhattan*
  • Grant, bulbous shape
  • Lincoln, scalloped shape
  • Senator, from Laughlin Art China
  • Mammoth*
  • Low Parlor, plain, thin body
  • Burley, plain, thick body
  • Newell, small scalloped shape
Those marked with an asterisk (*) are difficult to find.

Spittoons are almost always found marked with general Homer Laughlin backstamps. Unlike most dinnerware made at the same time, the spittoon shape names were not included in the markings. Most of the spittoons were discontinued by the late 1920s. The one exception is Burley which was made into the late 1930s.

Catalog page showing the Manhattan spittoon

9 ¾" tall Senator cuspidor from Laughlin Art China.

Spittoons from the 1880s, both marked with lion and eagle Premium Stone China backstamps.
Left: unidentified shape discovered by author Joanne Jasper. Right: individual Cable shape spittoon.

Lincoln spittoon with cheeries and gold trim.

Lincoln spittoon with treatment number 100.

Decoration 175: purple imitation granite

Decoration 176: brown imitation granite

Decoration 7090 on a Lincoln spittoon and Mingo mouth ewer. This blended tint and gold stamp
pattern was available in several different colors such as green (as shown), yellow, orange, pink, and blue.

Lincoln spittoon with pattern 7090 in yellow.

Low Parlor spittoon, 3 ½" tall.

Grant spittoon with decoration 81, Jonquil.

Grant spittoon with pink bands and gold stamps.

Burley spittoon dated 1916 with a Hall Boy jug decorated with green and marroon bands and gold lines.

Burley spittoon, undecorated blank. Inset shows its 1937 backstamp.

Newell spittoon with gold stamp pattern number 32, dated 1912.

Newell spittoon with rose decals and gold stamps.

Treatment listings for Grant and Lincoln spittoons from 1906.

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