Shell Plates by Homer Laughlin
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Shell plates were made for Proctor & Gamble. Four versions of Shell plates were modeled from August 1938 until February 1939. Rhead mentioned the plates in his journal on February 10, 1939: model shell plate - actual aver all 10 " samples in all four colors. Green, turquoise, yellow and red. He was referring to model number 1203 which actually went into production, however, they are very hard to find. If your lucky enough to find a P&G Shell Plate, expect it to be unmarked.

The three sample pieces shown are from the collection of The Fiesta® Tableware Company.

Fiesta red shell plate

Turquoise shell plate

Shell plate with decals

Shell plates in light green, turquoise (smaller size, probably model number 1128), and Fiesta red.
Pictures below are copyright Strawser Auction Group and have been posted here with permission.

Back of the green shell plate

Back of the turquoise shell plate

Back of the Fiesta red shell plate

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