Rings by Homer Laughlin
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Rings was an experimental line of solid colored dinnerware made by Homer Laughlin in December 1948 to January 1949. There were only four pieces created before development was halted: the teacup, saucer, covered sugar, and the 10" plate. "Rings" is not an official name, but it was used in the modeling log as a descriptor. It would have gotten a proper name had the line gone into production.

Light rings were put on the centers of the 10" plate and the saucer. The rings were placed low on the bodies of the teacup and sugar. Two different lids were made for the sugar, one smooth and the other with rings. Interestingly, the entry for the teacup handle indicates the line was intended for Woolworth's five and dime stores. It is dated December 21, 1948 and reads: Handle for 2114 Woolworth Cup.

The examples shown below are from the collection of The Fiesta® Tableware Company.

Rings 10" plates in glaze number 218.

Rings 10" plate, glaze 264.

Rings 10" plate, glaze 265.

Rings 10" plate, glaze 234.

Rings 10" plate, glaze 222.

Rings teacup and saucer.

Rings teacup and saucer. The 259 on the cup is its glaze number.
One half of a teacup body mold with its model number, 2114.

Rings saucers in assorted glazes.

Rings sugar with smooth lid in yellow.

Rings sugar, bottom view.

Sugar lids: ringed version on the left and smooth version on the right.

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