OvenServe by Homer Laughlin and TS&T
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The Quaker Oats OvenServe Ware promotion used five pieces from Homer Laughlin's extensive OvenServe kitchenware line:
  • Custard Cup
  • Ramekin
  • Individual Pie Baker
  • Oval Baking Dish
  • French Casserole.
All five items were made in various solid colors available in the 1950s. Taylor, Smith & Taylor Co. shared in the production and many of their specked Pebbleford glazes were used on the OvenServe shapes.

TS&T marked their pieces with a cast mold marking, whereas HLC's version is usually marked with a backstamp. In rare cases, HLC also used a marking in the mold. TS&T altered HLC's French casserole which results in two distinct versions. With the original style made by HLC, the bowl and handle were made separate and joined together before firing. TS&T cast the piece in one entire mold thereby eliminating the extra step of having to attach the handle. The top of the handle on TS&T French casserole meets the rim of the bowl; HLC's handle is located in the middle of the bowl.

See also section on OvenServe.

1950s box of Mother's Oats with OvenServe

Oval Bakers in assorted colors

TS&T's impressed OvenServe marking

HLC's custard and French casserole in yellow

TS&T's French casserole and oval baker

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