Queen Elizabeth II Plate Homer Laughlin
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In 1953, many potteries in the United Kingdom and the United States produced commemorative pieces for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. The American companies favored the decal shown below. The Homer Laughlin China Company used it in at least two instances: the Rhythm plate with gold lines and the Liberty plate with gold stamp border.

Other companies that used the same decal include: Salem China, Steubenville China (Horizon shape), Taylor, Smith & Taylor Company (Conversation shape), W. S. George Pottery, Crooksville China (Thematic shape), and Walker China. Some were decorated by the potteries and others by outside firms.

Sometimes the portrait is accompanied by text, either on the front or back, which reads: Commemorating the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, June 2, 1953, Painted by Allen Hughes.

The decal was used again on Harker plates in 1957 to commemorate the first royal visit to the United states.

Homer Laughlin 10" Liberty plate with gold stamp border

Back of plate with its 1953 backstamp and sticker

Of particular interest is the sticker on the back of this coronation plate. It was a gift to John Iliff by Harry Thiemecke on April 22, 1953.

Harry Thiemecke was a ceramic engineer at Homer Laughlin for many years. He started on May 1, 1934 under Albert V. Bleininger. After Bleininger died in 1946, Thiemecke became the director of research. He held the position until he retired in November 1972.

During his thirty-eight years at the pottery, Thiemecke worked closely with the firm's designers including Frederick Rhead, Don Schreckengost, and Vincient Broomhall. As such, he played a role in the development in many of Homer Laughlin's most collected wares.

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