Old Sport Scenes
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Old Sports Scenes was a line intended to be made up of a series of underglaze prints for the Eggshell Nautilus shape. In May 1941, artist Charles Williams created four drawings for Old Sports Scenes: the patterns for the 10" plate, teacup, saucer, and a special backstamp which would include the subject's title. Fox Hunting was made for the 10" plate, Stag Hunting for the saucer, and Grouse Shooting for the teacup. No other subjects were made and the development came to an abrupt end.

Below are two of Williams' drawings and an example of Fox Hunting on a 10" Eggshell Nautilus plate from the collection of The Fiesta® Tableware Company.

Drawing 2935, Fox Hunting for the 10" plate from May 16, 1941

Drawing 2941, Stag Hunting for the saucer from May 20, 1941

Drawing 2940, Old Sports Scenes for the Nautilus teacup from May 19, 1941

Eggshell Nautilus 10" plate with Fox Hunting underglaze print in brown. Inset shows its marking and research number, R-15-1899.

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