Newell Art Classes
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Newell Art Classes was part of the "Newell Ceramic Art and Science School" -- a series of courses offered by the Homer Laughlin China Company along with WVU's extension classes. They were held at Wells High and at the art department at HLC. According to Homer Laughlin, A Giant Among Dishes by Jo Cunningham, Dr. A. V. Bleininger was dean, Harry Thiemecke taught Chemistry, M.H. King taught Physics, Walter Emerson - Mathematics, and Frederick Rhead (in charge of the art department at HLC from 1927 until 1942) was in charge of all the pottery classes. Courses were offered from 1938 until 1942.

The first few pieces shown here were made by Margaret Price at Homer Laughlin during the pottery classes. Besides hand thrown pieces, some undecorated blanks made by HLC were decorated by students. The vase to the right is a thrown piece and the 9-inch plates below are blanks made by the pottery.

Special thanks to Steve Sfakis who allowed me to photograph the Margaret Price pieces back in 2000.
They are now in the hands of private collectors.

Below are three Newell Art Classes pieces decorated by Ira C. Sayre over three years. The fist piece is the only with a title, "Modified Persian." All three pieces come from Homer Laughlin's Brittany shape with the two plates having a washed out turquoise glaze.

Newell Art Classes 9" plate decorated by Virginia McDaniel in the 1939-1940 season.
This is the Homer Laughlin's Brittany shape in a washed out yellow glaze with hand-painted work.

Courtesy Diane Eckard

Cake plate by Dorothy B. Quayle

Swing shape plate by Robert Evans

Unsigned Dutch plates in blue

Newell Art Classes: a Homer Laughlin Kitchen Kraft cake plate decorated by Hazel Hendershot in the 1939-1940 season.

Photos courtesy John May

Newell Art Classes plate on display at the Hancock County Museum in New Cumberland, WV.

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