Lines and Beads by Homer Laughlin
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In March of 1937, the art department at Homer Laughlin began work on a new line of dinnerware. The first piece modeled was a 9" plate. This plate would later become the basis for the Swing Eggshell shape. Swing was expanded with assorted flatware and hollowware in October with pieces released into production in November. More hollowware was added in December and the line was introduced in 1938.

However, the Swing Eggshell line collectors know today almost took a different turn. In August and September of 1937, there were roughly a dozen 9" plates and several teacups that were given "lines and beads" emobssed details as described in company records. Towards the end of September, it was decided the new shape would have a plain, convex rim and the various "lines and beads" were abandoned. The new line was called "Convex" but was changed to "Swing" before its introduction.

Shown below are some of the test pieces from August and September 1937. They are from the collection of The FiestaŽ Tableware Company. The first table is made up of 9" plates in assorted glazes. The second table has 9" plates with lugs. Glaze numbers were written on the backs and are noted below. Model numbers are given when known.

Grouping of Lines and Beads 9" plates.

Glaze 2642

Glaze 2651

Glaze 2649

Glaze 2592, model 919

Glaze 2606

Glaze 2617, model 925

Glaze 2652

Glaze 2647

Glaze 2791, model 893

No glaze number, model 893

Glaze 2809, model 906

Glaze 2552, model 906

Light green glaze, model 906

Glaze 2809, model 905

Three of the Lines and Beads teacups under consideration

Three of the Lines and Beads teacups, bottom view

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