Jumbo Cups and Saucers by Homer Laughlin
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Mother and Father jumbo cups and saucers were initially made for Sears. A company memo dated August 31, 1950 indicates the sets were sold through their mail order catalogs and retail store. Other retailers would later carry the sets which were decorated with various "Gay 90s" decals. Saucers were almost always marked, but the cups were not.

Development began ion February 2, 1950 when artists Charles Williams drew up two different cup and saucers shapes: one plain, the other with flutes on the foot of the cup and the edge of the saucer. The plain version was selected and the Gay 90s decals were drawn up soon after. The jumbo cup was modeled on April 4, 1950 and the 6 ⅞" saucer on April 15th.

Concept drawings for the plain and fluted shapes. From the collection of The Fiesta® Tableware Company.

Treatment numbers were generally assigned with JF and JM prefixes. The J stood for Jumbo, F for Father, and M for Mother. Besides the various Gay 90s decals, there are also "daguerreotype" decals and a "Maw and Paw" series as shown below. Sometimes cup bodies can be found with an angluar handle.

Father (JF-50) and Mother (JM-51) jumbo cups and saucers as sold by Sears.

1950 Sears catalog page with the jumbo cups and saucers and Nassau by T.S.&T.
Inset shows the description for the jumbo cups and saucers.

Portion of a Woolworth's ad with Jumbo cups and saucers. Here they are using
FW as a prefix. FW-167 is the same as JM-51, and FW-168 is the same as JF-52.

Promotional photo for Paw (JP-58) and Maw (JM-59) jumbo cups and saucers.

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