Jewel Tea Salad Bowl and Cake Plate
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In the early 1930s, the Homer Laughlin China Company made two premium pieces for Jewel Tea: the cake plate and the salad bowl. Both were dipped in the vellum glaze originally developed for the Century and Wells shapes a few years prior. The blue band decoration and gold stamps were created to go along with an already existing metal cake safe Jewel Tea offered as early as 1934. A metal coffee dispenser completed the set, but it was offered for a short time compared to the other three pieces.

To the right is an advertisement that appeared in a Jewel Tea premium catalog from 1934. It shows the cake safe and the two Homer Laughlin pieces in "satin" vellum.

The cake plate and salad bowl were used outside of the Jewel Tea promotion. Second quality pieces that were not approved for Jewel Tea were often given decals reserved for lesser quality ware. Sometimes the cake plates have store advertisements stamped in gold on their backs.

The salad bowl was paired up with Ovaltine mugs to create Tom & Jerry punch sets. The Ovaltine mug was replaced by the Jewel mug in the 1950s. The offcial treatment number for the Tom & Jerry sets using Jewel bowls was W-1353. (Another Tom & Jerry set was made using the Fiesta footed salad bowl and mugs. It was given the treatment number W-1153.)

Jewel Tea metal cake safe.

Jewel Tea 9 ⅜" salad bowl and 9 ½" cake plate.

Jewel Tea cake plates with decals and gold stamps along with their markings.

For more on the Second Selection gold stamp mark, see this page.

Jewel bowl with green band.

Jewel bowl with bird of paradise.

Jewel bowl with blue band and red encasing lines.

Jewel bowl with harvest decal.

Jewel bowl with platinum band. Other bands used include red, blue, black, and gold.

Tom & Jerry set with a Jewell mug on the left and an Ovaltine mug on the right.

Tom & Jerry set in forest green, circa early 1950s.

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