Ivory Color and Trellis by Homer Laughlin
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For many years American potteries produced wares for the Quaker Oats Company to be packaged in boxes of oats. In the 1920s, breakfast sets were made consisting of teacups, saucers, 6" plates, oatmeal bowls, and fruit cups. Sometimes pieces were taken from existing lines of dinnerware, and in other cases, items were specially created for the promotion.

The Homer Laughlin China Co. almost always shared production of these special promotional lines. Quaker Oats' orders were quite large and they didn't want to rely solely on one pottery to supply the dishes.

To the right is a store display with varoius Quaker Oats products with promotional wares. One has HLC's Carnival, and another has Anchor Hocking glassware.

Trellis, Wells, and OvenServe are three examples where items were taken from existing lines to create breakfast sets. On the other hand, Peachtree, Doric, Carnival, and Harvest were specially created.

Ivory Color was a name used on one of the first breakfast sets made for Quaker Oats in the mid-1920s. Sebring Potteries' Barbara Jane shape was used for this set which is a round rim shape with a wide fluted verge. Several potteries made Ivory Color including Sebring, Homer Laughlin, and Knowles. Pieces will have an "Ivory Color" backstamp with the initial of the maker. In Homer Laughlin's case, a capital letter "L" is located under the Ivory Color name.

Soon after the use of Sebring's Barbara Jane shape, HLC started to make breakfast sets with pieces from the Trellis shape. Initially, items were marked with the same Ivory Color backstamp before a new Trellis marking was made. Like the Barbara Jane shape, multiple companies made Trellis and often pieces are marked with a letter to signify the pottery. With both shapes, larger serving pieces could be purchased to make sets of dinnerware.

See also section on Trellis.

1927 magazine ad for Ivory Color

1930 magazine ad for Trellis

Ivory Color examples

Trellis 7" plate with marking, pattern QO-10.

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