Hobnail by Homer Laughlin
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Hobnail dinnerware was developed in the spring of 1947, but never went into production. Designed by Don Schreckengost, it was created along side the 75th anniversary Jubilee shape. Only four pieces were modeled before the project was abandoned: the 10" plate, 9" plate, a saucer, and a teacup, each with hobnails in various shapes and configurations.

The teacup was picked up from Jubilee. It was altered to have hobnails on the outside. The 9" plate and saucer were made with a very narrow rim to showcase the hobnails while the 10" plate was made with a wide rim. Sample pieces were glazed pastel colors, some of which were used in the Jubilee line.

Shown below are experimental Hobnail pieces from the collection of The Fiesta® Tableware Company.

Experimental Hobnail 9" plates in seven pastel glazes.

Large hobnails in green

Large hobnails in gray

Large hobnails in rose

Large hobnails in yellow

Large hobnails in blue

Large hobnails in beige

Large, alternating hobnails in green

Large, alternating hobnails in gray

Small hobnails in blue

Small hobnails in white

Small hobnails in beige

Small hobnails in gray

Small hobnails in green

Hobnail saucers

Broken hobnails could be one of the reasons why this line wasn't put into production.
Three of the inner hobnails broke off on this 9" plate before it was glazed.

Hobnail 10" plate with wide rim in blue

Hobnail teacups based on the Jubilee shape in pastel glazes.

Hobnail teacups and saucers.

At least four different configurations of Hobnails were made on the teacups.

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