The Homer Laughlin China Compnay in 1940
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The following pictures were taken by Lloyd S. Jones and were featured in The Youngstown Vindicator on Sunday, September 8, 1940. A small paragraph which accompanied the photos reads:
On the banks of the Ohio River, set snugly between the hills of Ohio and West Virginia, Newell, W. Va., is a community of 2,200 population, across the river from East Liverpool. Life in Newell centers around the pottery industry, for it is the home of the Homer Laughlin China co., the largest pottery under one roof in the world, which employs 30,000 persons when working at capacity. The Edwin M. Knowles China Co. also has a Newell plant. A community of private homes with well-kept yards and family gardens, Newell is proud of its fine high school, named after W. E. Wells, founder of the Homer Laughlin China Co., who donated it to the community. Another pride of Newell is its volunteer fire department of 35 men with modern apparatus, provided with the co-operation of the pottery companies.

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