Hearthside by Homer Laughlin
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First made in 1971, Hearthside is a ringed shape. On flatware the rings are confined to the rim, and on hollowware they can be found towards the base. This is a typical line of 1970s dinnewrae with earth tone colors including gold, green, and brown. In one advertisement, color was the pitch for Hearthside:
The popularity of color was never greater than it is today, as shown by the desire of a large majority of the tableware buying public. Seven original contemporary [treatments] in green and gold glazes that are certain to attaract customers. all patterns sealed under the glaze for lasting beauty.
Many of the first treatments included a black stamp decoration in the same spirit as White Dover and Granada. Once in a while, a line will offer the lids of hollowware in contrasting colors. Later patterns were more colorful on whitestone glazed pieces.

Official deocrations numbers for the Hearthside shape are prefixed by HS, and the plates are often marked with the general HLC backstamp with date. Hearthside flatware was used with a small set of Unibody hollowware in the late 1970s. Such patterns were prefixed with HU with "H" for Hearthside and "U" for Unibody.

The Hearthside shape was discontinued by the mid-1980s.

Original Hearthside assortment. Pattern on the flatware is "Kaleidoscope" HS-231.

HS-200 Bravado

HS-204 Dimension

HS-216: Gold Glade

HS-218: Banded Cortez

HS-219: Apollo

HS-222: Tenderly

HS-230: Acapulco

HS-231: Kaleidoscope

HS-232: Butterscotch

HS-236: Paradise

HS-237: Waves

HS-238: Rock Garden

HS-240: Petals

HS-276: Nutmeg

HS-277: Joy

HS-280: New Paradise

HS-283: Orchard

HS-297: Sundrops

HS-319: Daybreak

HS-321: Hoya Flower

HS-325: Country French

HS-332: Wheat

HS-254: Medallion

HS-257: Sahara

HU-199: Susan

HU-303: Wheat

HU-304: Leisure Living

"Country Road" HS-234

"Concept" HS-208 and "New Fiesta" HS-286

Hearthside beverge servers in gold speck and Bravado green glazes

Hearthside casserole, Bravado green glaze

Hearthside casserole, sandstone glaze

Hearthside casserole, gold speck glaze

Hearthside gravy, gold speck glaze

Hearthside sugar and creamer

Hearthside sugar and creamer

Hearthside sugar and creamer

Hearthside sugar and creamer

Hearthside sugar and creamer

Hearthside shakers

Hearthside covered butters

Top: Barcelona, bottom left: Palma, and bottom right: Navajo on the Hearthside shape. Advertisement is from 1973.

1973 advertisement. Palma, Banded Cortez, and Apollo use Hearthside. Sunflower and Floral Garden use Bristol.

Hearthside 10" plates in test glazes, early 1970s.
From the collection of The Fiesta® Tableware Company.

Assortment of Items:
  • Chop plate
  • Dinner plate
  • 7" plate
  • 6" plate
  • Cup
  • Saucer
  • Mug
  • Shakers
  • Covered casserole
  • Gravy
  • Covered butter dish
  • Deep bowl
  • Creamer
  • Covered sugar
  • Beverage server
  • Serving bowl
  • Small soup/cereal
  • Large soup/cereal

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