Hall Boy Jugs by Homer Laughlin
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Hall Boy jugs were made by Homer Laughlin in the late 1800s and early 1900s. They were often referred to by their trade sizes. The first offered was the 24s Hall Boy. It was the larger of the two at a little over 6 ½" tall. In the early 1900s, it was joined by the 30s Hall boy (6" tall). They were listed as part of the "double thick hotel ware" group in most of the vintage catalogs.

Hall Boy jugs could be purchased as undecorated white ware or with various monochromatic prints and decals. Both sizes were marked with general backstamps. Many examples found today date to the 1920s. They were still available in the 1930s and 1940s, however not many were made. According to a company memo dated February 2, 1946, both sizes were officially discontinued.

Many other potteries also made Hall Boy jugs. They generally differ from one to the next with respect to size, handle styles, and decorations. Homer Laughlin's Hall Boy jugs are almost always marked so there should be very little confusion with other makers. Some potteries preferred to use the term "Bell Boy" instead of Hall Boy for their jugs.

Homer Laughlin Hall Boy jugs, 30s on the left and 24s on the right.

Homer Laughlin Hall Boy jug on the left and Hall China's version on the right.

Hall Boy jugs with rose decals, both are dated 1923.

Hall Boy jug with rose decal and souvenier gold stamp, dated 1922.

Hall Boy jug with maroon band, dated 1915.

30s Hall Boy from 1929 on the left and a 24s Hall Boy from the early 1900s. Both patterns were also used on dinnerware shapes.

Pattern 4816, gray key border print on a 24s Hall Boy.

30s Hall Boy with pink carnation decal (usually found on Hudson dinnerware) and a 24s Hall Boy with green floral print.

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