Georgian OvenServe by Homer Laughlin
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Only a few pieces of Georgian OvenServe were made in May and June of 1934; casserole, divided baker, pie plates (10 3/4" and 9 3/4" diameters), the 10" dish (platter), French casserole, and a casserole with lug handles and a lid that doubles as a smaller bowl.

Each piece has the familiar Georgian type dot-dash rim embossing also found on Georgian/Crafstman dinnerware. Most pieces were marked with a generic HLC backstamp or an OvenServe marking, but some can be found with a special "Georgian Dinnerware" stamp in gold.

Georgian OvenServe is rather difficult to find. The regular casserole and the lug handled casserole are the only pieces usually found. It is entirely possible the rest of the line did not go into production.

See also OvenServe (embossed).

Georgian OvenServe casserole base with a Georgian Ivory 10" plate.
The decal comes from Coronet and the platinum stamp is from Royal OvenServe.

Georgian OvenServe casserole with lugs.

The casserole lid doubles as a smaller bowl.

The following are from the collection of The Fiesta® Tableware Co.

Georgian OvenServe meat platter with "well and tree" to catch the juices.
Model 237, June 1934, shown in orange (pumpkin) and melon yellow glazes.

Georgian OvenServe French casserole and lid with the Mauvette pattern.

Georgian OvenServe French casserole base in orange (pumpkin) glaze.

Georgian OvenServe divided baker, Mauvette pattern.

Bottom of the Georgian OvenServe divided baker.

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