Orange & Scale Fruit Bowls
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In March and April 1935, the Art Department at Homer Laughlin worked on several types of large salad bowls. Four version are listed in the modeling log as: Orange Boarder, Orange Boarder and Center, Scale Design, and Scale Design with Modeled Center. Those with modeled centers were not released into production. The two that were, the orange border and scale design, were made with pain centers which were decorated with decal treatments. Both versions are rather easy to find. Most were made with light green fade away trims, but examples with blue, yellow, tan, and pink fade away trims have also been found.

Overall, the bowls are similar in size. They differ only in the embossed designs. They are listed in company records as having diameters of 9 3/4", but they're actually closer to 10 inches.

Examples have been found dated as late as 1939.

Orange Border Fruit Bowls

Scale Design Fruit Bowls

The orange and scale fruit bowls have the same back design.

Experimental scale design fruit bowl with modeled center in melon yellow.
From the collection of The Fiesta® Tableware Company.

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