The Friedman Shape by Homer Laughlin
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Louis Kossuth Friedman was an executive vice president of the Homer Laughlin China Company, now known as The Fiesta® Tableware Company. He was in charge of the company's New York sales office. According to his obituary from 1967, Friedman was a native of Point Pleasant, WV and a graduate of the University of Michigan. He served as a lieutenant in WWI and worked in the executive office of the president, as assistant to Harold Smith, director of the budget during WWII. [1]

Friedman was engaged to Fannie Aaron (daughter of Marcus Aaron and sister of Marcus L. Aaron) in 1926.[2] They remained married until her death in 1952.[3]

This page shows pieces made at the factory in 1965 under the direction of Vincent Broomhall. There is no evidence this line ever went into production and it never received and official name. Several of the entries in company records have "Lew Friedman" noted with this shape. As a result, I am calling it the Friedman shape for lack of a better name.

At least eleven pieces were made: cereal bowl, soup bowl, nappy, sauceboat, covered sugar, creamer, coffeepot, 10" plate, teacup, saucer, and shakers. Samples were given various glaze effects to highlight the unique embossing. The sugar, creamer, and coffeepot all have the same general profile as Granada.

By the end of 1965 and the beginning of 1966, the art department shifted their attention from the Friedman shape to creating the Regency shape and expanding the Dover line.

All of the examples below are part of the collection of The Fiesta® Tableware Company.

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[2] Pittsburgh Daily Post, Friday, October 29, 1926.
[3] The Pittsburgh Press, Monday, July 7, 1952.

Friedman nappy bowls

Friedman soup bowls

Friedman soup bowls, bottom view

A note inside this bowl reads: "Brown Engobe with Golden Mist Glaze"

Friedman gravy boats

Friedman lugged soup/cereal bowls

Friedman (left) and Granada (right) sugars

Friedman shakers

Sketch for the Friedman teacup

Friedman grouping

Friedman 10" plates with colored glazes on the narrow rims.

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