Flutes and Feathers by Homer Laughlin
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"Flutes and Feathers" is not a proper name for this experimental line. However, since it describes the basic design elements, I am using it as an unofficial name. All of the examples, concept art, and molds are from the collection of The Fiesta® Tableware Company.

The concept art shows the basic idea for both the hollowware and flatware. Hollowware would get fluted feet with feather handles and finials. Flatware would get similar flutes either on the verge or the rim as shown in the third picture below.

Tureen and stand

Sugar and creamer

Dinner plate

Only a few pieces of Flutes and Feathers were created as sample pieces. The teacup mold has the model number 2110 which dates it to November 22, 1948. That means it was developed by Don Schreckengost after the Jubilee line was introduced. Other than the teacup and three sugars shown, no other examples are known to exist.

Teacup in Jubilee's Celadon Green glaze

Bottom of Teacup

Half of the teacup mold

Teacup mold with the model number 2110.

Covered sugar samples with alternate handles and finials.

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