Fiestaware 2000 by Homer Laughlin
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Designed by art director Jonathan Parry (1948-2000), Fiestaware 2000 was introduced at the International Housewares Show in Chicago on January 16, 2000. It had a limited assortment with basic sizes of plates, bowls, and a mug with saucer. The rim was modeled with a bold abstract design with the top of the verge decorated with a small band of rings. Samples were made in 1999 in several of the Fiesta® glazes until it was decided the official color assortment would be Pearl Gray, Persimmon, Cobalt, and the limited edition color, Juniper.

A large pitcher was created, but wasn't a standard item. Twenty-four Fiestaware 2000 pitchers were glazed in sunflower and sold through the East Liverpool High School Alumni Association pottery auction.

Flatware was marked with a special Fiestaware 2000 backstamp. The mug was made with a mark in the mold. Both markings feature the line's name with a rising sun.

Fiestaware 2000 plate and bowl

Fiestaware 2000 plate

Fiestaware 2000 marking

Mug on the left with two prototype mugs on the right

Fiestaware 2000 mugs in the four standard glazes

Special insert which appeared in The Review, March 31, 2000. The pitcher shown is the Fiestware 2000 jug in persimmon.

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