Homer Laughlin Etched Plates
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The following experimental plates are from the collection of The Fiesta® Tableware Company. Each features an etched design that was either embossed (raised) or debossed (impressed) in the mold. Several different designs were tested on standard shapes such as Georgian Eggshell, Nautilus and Harlequin. The idea was to have designs already in the ware which would eliminate the need for other types of decorations like decals, silks screen patterns, or underlgaze prints.

The two Willow plates shown are virtually identical to a version made by Paden City Pottery of Paden City, West Virginia. The etched designs on the Georgian Eggshell examples are very light. A few can only be seen when held at an angle.

Flower vase in white.

Flower vase in blue, glaze number 2219.

Flower vase in spruce green, glaze number 2345.

Flower vase in brown.

Willow in yellow

Willow in maroon

Harlequin with hand-painted embossing.

Georgian Eggshell flower in yellow

Flower detail

Georgian Eggshell wheat in yellow

Wheat detail

Georgian Eggshell grapes in blue

Georgian Eggshell tulips in blue

Georgian Eggshell acorns in green

Georgian Eggshell lily of the valley in green

Georgian Eggshell flower in green

All over deisgn on Natutilus

Lily of the valley service plate

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