Encore by Homer Laughlin
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Encore was a set of hollowware meant to be used with Triumph flatware. Production notes indicate the shape was made for J & H International, one of Homer Laughlin's biggest customers at the time. J & H International would eventually become Jepcor[1] in the 1970s. Some of the more popular lines they offered were done so under the Sheffield name, most notably Sheffield Amberstone.

Nine pieces made up the Encore shape. Each piece was characterized with a low, bulbous body and a square foot. Finials were upswept with square tops. It was created under the direction of designer Vincent Broomhall.

Here are the Encore shapes with their modeling dates:

  1. Sugar. Oct 3, 1967
  2. Creamer. Oct15, 1967
  3. Teapot. Oct 24, 1967
  4. Teacup. Oct 29, 1967
  5. Coffeepot. July 21, 1969
  6. Saucer. January 20, 1970
  7. Sauceboat. February 16, 1970
  8. Salt & Pepper. March 6, 1970
  9. Casserole. March 18, 1970
Even though this shape was developed off and on for almost three years, a note in the modeling log indicates it never went into production. Moreover, there was no mention if this was or wasn't to have been made in the same vitrified body as Triumph.

[1] Lehner's Encyclopedia of U. S. Marks on Pottery, Porcelian & Clay, Lois Lehner. 1988.

Encore examples from the collection of the Fiesta® Tableware Company

Encore teapot

Encore shakers

Encore coffeepot

Encore sugar with closeup of its base

Encore casserole

Encore teacups

Drawing of the Encore sauceboat. Model number 3084 from February 16, 1970.

Drawing of the Encore casserole. Model number 3086 from March 18, 1970.

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