Early American Homes by Homer Laughlin
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Early American Homes was an underglaze transferware line produced for J.C. Penney in the early 1940s. Rhead noted working on different designs in late December 1940 and the final selection is given below. The 9" plate and platter are the easiest pieces to find. Teacups are somewhat rare. Each has a specific design and is marked in a similar manner as Americana with the subject name in the backstamp.

9" plate Mount Vernon
Platter Independence Hall
Teacup Paul Revere Home
Saucer Robert E. Lee Home
Fruit cup Thoms Jefferson Home
Nappy Betsy Ross Home
6" plate Abraham Lincoln Home

Original drawing for Early American Homes
Courtesy Fiesta® Tableware Co.

Early American Homes
Mt. Vernon 9" plate

Special marking on
the 9-inch plate

Betsy Ross Home nappy

Betsy Ross Home marking

Independence Hall platter

Independence Hall marking

Thoms Jefferson Home fruit cups

Thoms Jefferson Home marking

Robert E. Lee Home (saucer), Abraham Lincoln Home (6" plate)

Mt. Vernon test plate in blue, a nonstandard color. Dated December 17, 1940.

Mt. Vernon test piece. Brown print on brown body plate.

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