Early American by Homer Laughlin
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The Early American shape was designed by Vincent Brooomhall in 1963. There were at least nine pieces created for this line: sauceboat, shakers, small jug, coffee pot, cup, saucer, creamer, sugar, and a beverage jug. The conical forms were given "pinched necks" which makes the creamer somewhat similar to the Continental shape.

There is no evidence this line went into production in the 1960s. If it had, it most likely would have picked up flatware (plates, platters, and bowls) from already existing shapes. This was standard practice in the 1960s which occurred with Orbit, Vogue, and several other shapes.

Early American drawings dated 1963. From the collection of The Fiesta® Tableware Company.

Coffee pot, model 2712.

42s jug, model 2734.

While Early American may have not been produced in the 1960s, it was revived in 1982. Initially, it was intended to be a special giftware line called "Lovingkindness" for C. R. Gibson. Lovingkindness consisted of two sizes of jugs, sugar, creamer, utility jar, note holder, spoon holder, teapot, napkin rings, candlesticks, and pick up pieces like the International shape salt and pepper shakers, and the Shakespeare (hotelware) mug. Each piece was decorated with colorful decals and a biblical verse. The marking consisted of an overglaze decal which does not include Homer Laughlin name.

The Early American sugar, creamer, utility jar, and both sizes of jugs have been found with the Bayberry decal which was a standard treatment on the Dover shape. In fact, Early American examples are often found mixed in with Dover shape sets. Like most hollowware from dinnerware lines from the late 1960s to mid 1980s, Early American Bayberry was never marked.

Early American Bayberry sugar and creamer

Bayberry on the utility jar, medium jug, and large jug

Undecorated blanks: sugar, utility jar, and creamer

Lovingkindness note holder, utility jar, and medium jug

Lovingkindness International shakers, Early American creamer, and Shakespeare mug. Inset shows the marking.

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