Vintage Homer Laughlin Decal Sheets
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Below are a few examples of unused decal sheets that have survived over the years. Some of the images may look reversed from what you are used to seeing with fired examples. Local potteries would purchase decal sheets from a number of different suppliers, both domestic and foreign. The decals were then cut from the sheets to be applied to glazed ware where it would be fired and become permanent.

The decal sheets shown come from the collection of The Fiesta® Tableware Company (formerly HLCCo) unless otherwise noted.

Hacienda decals. These were used on Nautilus, Swing Eggshell, Century, and other shapes from the late 1930s to the early 1960s.

Sheet number for Hacienda. Inset shows the Swing Eggshell listing which references the decal sheet number.

Amsterdam decals were mostly used on Nautilus Ivory and Rhythm.

Supplier information was almost always applied to larger decal sheets.

Amsterdam decal details

Small sprigs used on Autumn Gold (Cavalier) and Golden Wheat (Rhythm).

Colonial Kitchen decals were used mostly on Swing Eggshell, Virginia Rose, and Liberty.

Wheat or Viking pattern used on the Cavalier shape.

John F. Kennedy decals. Other potteries used these decals to create memorial plates.

A stack of small sprigs used as Bluemont on Skytone and Springtime on Cavalier

Turquoise Melody used on Cavalier.

Homespun decals used on Dover.

This decal was used for J. J. Newberry stores as pattern JJ-167 in the 1950s.

Tiffany Rose on Cavalier.

Decals used on give away plates.

A Friend in Need and Poker Sympathy decals used on Rhythm plates and square ashtrays for Pearl China.

The last four sets of decal sheets come from the collection of the webmaster.

Equestrian decals were used with gold stamps on Liberty.

Bay Berry (Dover) and small Rhythm Rose sprigs

This decal was used on several lines, most notably Empire Green on Cavalier.

Cut sheets of Green Goddess, usually found on Swing Eggshell.
(These were purchased on eBay. The seller thought she was helping by cutting them up!)

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