Continental by Homer Laughlin
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Continental was a line of hollowware designed to mix with existing shapes. Designed by Vincent Broomhall, only four pieces were created towards the end of November 1969: cup, saucer, covered sugar, and creamer. A fifth piece was modeled, a special soup bowl for Mikasa, but it did not go into production.

Coupe shape flatware was used with Continental which included the 10" plate, 7" plate, chop plate, chowder/soup bowl, vegetable bowl, and fruit cup. Other pieces were picked up when needed such as the coffee pot and covered butter from Orbit as well as the Jubilee salt and pepper shakers. All of the hollowware was decorated with engobe process (exterior colored slip) . Three colors were used: avocado green, yellow, and black.

After 1971, the Bristol hollowware shape was favored and Continental was not used with most of the newer treatments.

Some of patterns that used Continental are listed below along with their engobe colors. Those marked with an asterisk (*) had extra pick up pieces, namely the Orbit coffee pot and covered butter. Double asterisks (**) used the Orbit coffee pot, butter, and Jubilee shakers.

  • C-348, Laguna (green)
  • C-350, Daisy Field (yellow)
  • C-351, Bermuda (yellow) *
  • C-353, Avalon (green)
  • C-355, Sunglow (yellow)
  • C-356, Ebony (black) **
  • C-359, Green Valley (green)
  • C-367, Tapa, made for Shenango (green)
  • C-369, band pattern (black) **
  • C-370, band pattern (green) **
  • C-371, band pattern (yellow) **
  • M-1504, Neouveau, made for Mikasa (green)
  • M-1506, Scottsdale, made for Mikasa (black)
  • M-1507, Paisely, made for Mikasa (yellow)
  • M-1508, Fire Flower, made for Mikasa (green)

Continental covered sugar and creamer

Company advert for C-355, Sunglow

Continental cups

Continental cups, bottom view

Bermuda and Green Valley patterns using Continental. The Orbit coffee pot was picked up when needed.

Bermuda dinnerware with Continental hollowware in box sets.

Mikasa patterns which used Continental hollowware: Scottsdale (M-1506) on the left used black and Paisley (M-1507) on the right used yellow

Fire Flower (M-1508) used green Continental shapes.

HLC and Mikasa markings on a Paisley 10" plate.

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