Chelsea by Homer Laughlin
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When the Virginia Rose shape was first offered in late 1932, Quaker Oats decided they would like to pick up the necessary pieces for a breakfast set. In late January 1933, several samples were made, but those at Quaker Oats changed their minds and by late February 1933, they had decided on Taylor, Smith & Taylor's embossed shape, Marvel. For more on Marvel, see this page.

Marvel was very similar to Virginia Rose, but had heavier embossing. Rhead noted the decal treatment was to consist of 6 sprays and a center. The name "Garland" was applied to this new small line, but it was changed to "Chelsea" after it was realized TS&T already had another shape called Garland.

Chelsea can be found with the simple colorful sprigs for the promotion, but once in a while, pieces can be found with other HLC decals. The dinnerware version made by Taylor, Smith & Taylor had an extensive assortment and can be found with a T&T backstamp and date code, usually from the early 1930s.

Larger pieces of Chelsea were also made by HLC including a 9" plate, platter, nappy, and baker. Sugars, creamers, and other pieces were picked up from other shapes such as Virginia Rose and Orleans.

Chelsea 7" plate, treatment number QO-15.

Decaled Chelsea 6-inch plate and baker with official treatment number CH-7.

"Flight of the Swallows" on a Chelsea platter with a Wells syrup, gravy, and liner.

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