Sarah Stilwell Weber Calendar Series
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Twelve plates made up the Bradford Exchange's Sarah Stilwell Weber Calendar Series, one for each month. They were made from 1985 through 1986 using International 7 ¼" blanks. The plates originally came with their own box, certificate of authenticity, and they retailed for roughly $20.00 each. Shown below are four examples.

January plate

February plate

March plate

April plate

The decal marking on the back promoted the plates as "Genuine Newellware" and being made at the Newell Pottery Company, a division of Edwin M. Knowles. The Knowles China company had closed twenty years prior. However, the Bradford Exchange had bought the rights to the name. In actuality, all twelve plates were made at the Homer Laughlin China Company in Newell, WV.

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January marking. Each plate's marking gives details on the series and the Weber's work.

Madeline Caparoulo placing decals on August plates.
Photo by Charles Hillinger, circa 1984.

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