Betty Crocker Bowls
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Betty Crocker bowls were first made in November 1940 and were available in 1941 through a special General Mills promotion. A customer could take a box top from Bisquick baking mix along with fifty cents and send them in for a Betty Crocker bowl. "Senorita Pottery" was the name given to the promotional bowls which were made in two colors, turquoise and Harlequin yellow. Both colors are rather easy to find.

The bowls were also made by Red Wing and Gladding McBean with minor size differences and similar markings. Homer Laughin's versions have an opening diameter of 8 ½" and stand 2 ¾" tall. Some Betty Crocker bowls can be found with their original collapsible metal frames.

From 2002 to 2007, the factory once again made the Betty Crocker bowls and glazed them in the following Fiesta® colors: white, black, rose, cobalt, turquoise, periwinkle, seamist, persimmon, cinnabar, plum, shamrock, tangerine, peacock, heather, sunflower, and scarlet. They were marked with a special HLC-Betty Crocker backstamp.

Betty Crocker bowl in turquoise

Betty Crocker bowl in Harlequin yellow

Drawings by Charles Williams for the Betty Crocker bowl backstamps. The version on the right was favored with its typewritten characters.

Homer Laughlin's marking.

Red Wing's marking.
HLC's mark has an "open" B at the bottom. The Red Wing and GMB marks have a "closed" B.

Original store display promoting the "Senorita Pottery" open casserole bowl and frame set.

The bowl and frame set with its original packaging. Photo by Fred Mutchler.

Reissue bowls from a 2002 Betty Crocker catalog.

Betty Crocker bowl in periwinkle.

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