Applique by Homer Laughlin
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The majority of Applique lines consist of flatware from Brittany and hollowware (except for the Rhythm sauceboat) from Charm House. However, there are a few treatments that made use of Brittany's flatware and hollowware.

When Applique was released in the 1953, it was described as, "Homer Laughlin's new, exclusive decorating technique, perfected after years of research to develop designs resistant to acids and dishwashing detergents." This new technique was listed as resulting in a "colorful raised enamel effect." In fact, the design does fell raised as opposed to pieces with decals or underglaze treatments.

Applique treatments are usually made up combinations of red, yellow, chartreuse, dark green, and brown colors.

Pieces are usually marked with a generic HLC backstamp and date codes which indicate production primarily from 1953-1955.

Applique brochure featuring Yellow Daisy.

Pennsylvania Dutch
Treatment number A-102

A-104, Apple uses Brittany
hollowware instead of Charm House

Yellow Daisy
Pattern A-100

A selection of Applique shop samples from the collection of the FiestaŽ Tableware Company.

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