American China & Triumph Snow White
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After the translucent line Triumph was introduced in 1959, a second fine china shape was created in the ealry 1960s. American China, or simply American, was made up of Triumph flatware and new hollowware. Unlike Triumph which was tall and conical, American was low and oval. Five pieces were created: the teacup, coverd sugar, creamer, coffee pot, and sauceboat.

A special line of HLC dinnerware was offered though Von's and Shopping Bag and made use of the American China shape. The undecorated, translucent ware could be purchased with or without special coupons. The line was called "Triumph Snow White" and marked examples will have the standard Triumph logo with the line's name: Snow White.

Interestingly, the regular Triumph sauceboat was used for Snow White instead of the American shape.

Full assortment of American China from the early 1960s.

Triumph Snow White Brochures from 1963. Note the American China teacup, sugar, and creamer.

"Triumph Snow White"
American China sugar and creamer

Decaled American China creamer
and TR-9, "June Rose" cup and saucer

"Triumph Snow White"
American China cups and saucers

Creamer with a light inside to
show the translucent properties

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