American Beauty by Homer Laughlin
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The American Beauty shape was introduced by the Homer Laughlin China Company in 1898. The line had and extensive assortment of items, complete with pieces usually not found in other lines such as a toast rack, comportier, and a large fruit bowl. Like other shapes at the time, American Beauty was ornately designed with embossing along the rim.

It was made alongside Golden Gate and Colonial for many years. When Seneca and King Charles were introduced between 1902 and 1903, American Beauty's status did not diminish. In fact, it was in 1903 when its popularity peaked as over 230 different treatments were offered on American Beauty. However, this changed when HLC began producing The Angeuls shape in 1905. The Angeuls quickly became HLC's best seller which had a direct impact on the other five shapes. The number of treatments offered on American Beauty began to drop during this time. By 1909, there were only thirty-seven available patterns on the American Beauty shape and by 1910, the line had been discontinued.

American Beauty is almost always marked with either the eagle over lion backstamp or a simple "Homer Laughlin - American Beauty" marking.

Available treatments on American Beauty in 1909.

Five pages of the American Beauty shape from an 1899 HLC catalog.
January 1900 advert with American Beauty examples

American Beauty spoon holder and pickle dish

Celery trays with decals

Celery trays - gold stamps and an undecorated blank

Four of the seven sizes of American Beauty jugs, left to right: patterns 704, 331, 601 and 331.

Covered butter, pattern 331

Covered butter, top view

Sugar, creamer, and jug, pattern 331

Sugar with two bone dishes

Teacup and saucer with individual butters

Covered sauce dish and creamer

Covered dish with pattern 714. (Same as 704, but with gold.)

Covered dish with pattern H-42

Melan Arch Bridge, Waterloo, Iowa on an American Beauty platter

Sauceboat with pattern 325. This was also used on Golden Gate.

American Beauty cake plate with Fort Pitt decoration.

American Beauty shapes from a 1907 Homer Laughlin catalog
  1. Sauce Boat
  2. Toast Rack
  3. Egg Cup
  4. 30s Sugar
  5. Teapot
  6. Cream
  7. Custard
  8. Spooner
  9. 12s Jug
  10. A.D Coffee
  11. Tea Cup
  12. Coffee Cup
  13. Pickle
  14. Celery Tray
  15. Olive
  16. Fruit
  17. Ind. Butter
  18. Bone Dish
  19. Covered Butter
  20. 36s Bowl
  21. Oyster Bowl
  22. Oatmeal Bowl
  23. Comportier
  24. Coupe Soup
  25. Nappie
  26. Baker
  27. Covered Dish
  28. Chop Plate
  29. Plate
  30. Cake Plate
  31. Deep Plate
  32. Dish (platter)
  33. Oyster tureen
  34. Casserole
  35. Sauce Tureen
  36. Fruit Bowl
  37. Soup Tureen

"Wood Violet" on American Beauty, 1909.

American Beauty, pattern 331 "Oak Leaves"

American Beauty plate with an underglaze pattern

American Beauty casserole with pattern number 361.

American Beauty sauce boat.

Four views of an American Beauty fruit bowl.

American Beauty sugar and creamer.

American Beauty covered dish with pattern 932, "Nadora" from the early 1900s.

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