Alternate Underglaze Patterns and Colors
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Homer Laughlin produced several lines of underglaze printed ware such as Americana for Montgomery Wards, Early American Homes for J. C. Penney, Blue and Rose Fantasy for Wards, and Blue Willow and Pink Willow for the general trade. These standard lines can be viewed on this page.

The company considered some of these standard patterns in alternate colors as well as some prints that never went into production. Most of these are shown below and date from 1939 to 1941. The first two pieces are from the Americana line which was produced in red for Wards. Here they are shown in the nonstandard colors brown and blue. Also shown is an unusual example of Early American Homes in a brown body and a brown underglaze prints. The Willow patterns are different from the standard production version and are shown in three colors. All of the other patterns featured, American Subjects, Early America, and Old Sports Scenes, are experimental. Another experimental group made during the same time frame, Famous Old Ships, can be seen here.

The Americana plates are from a private collection. All other sample plates shown come from the collection of the Fiesta® Tableware Company.

Americana 10" plate in brown.

Americana brown marking from 1939.

Americana 10" plate in blue.

Americana blue marking from 1939.

Early American Homes, brown body and brown print.

Alternate Willow pattern in brown, R-15-1444.

Alternate Willow pattern in red, R-15-1426.

Alternate Willow pattern in blue, R-15-1433.

American Subjects, Woodcock Shooting in red.

American Subjects, Woodcock Shooting, red marking.

American Subjects, Woodcock Shooting in blue.

American Subjects, Woodcock Shooting, blue marking.

Early America, Paul Revere in brown.

Early America, Paul Revere, brown marking.

Early America, Paul Revere in mulberry.

Early America, Paul Revere, mulberry marking.

Early America, Paul Revere in dark brown.

Early America, Paul Revere, dark brown marking.

Early America, Paul Revere in red on Theme Eggshell.

Early America, Paul Revere, red marking.

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