Homer Laughlin's "All-over" Shape
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In the March of 1938, several pieces of hollowware were created which designer Frederick Rhead noted as being for Woolworth's in an "all-over" decoration. The first piece created was a sauceboat followed by the teacup body. The cup was made with a tapered foot and two different styles of handles. The last pieces modeled were the covered sugar and creamer in the beginning of April 1938.

Above is how the sauceboat, sugar, and teacups were sketched in the modeling log. The only pieces which were released into production were the sauceboat, sugar, and creamer on April 14, 1938.

Rhead's journals don't provide an official name for this shape. In general, after a line was put into production, Rhead would go on to refer to it with a proper shape name. However, in this case he continued to call it "plain" or "all-over decoration shape." On May 16, 1938, he mentions a Woolworth's "all-over" teapot and casserole, but those two pieces did not get beyond the planning stage. Until a more official name can be found, I will continue to call it the All-over shape.

The all-over pattern itself was a colorful, Chintz-like decal that covered each piece (except the handles). The plates, platters, bowls, and teacups for this line were picked up from the plain, round Empress shape.

"All-over" hollowware has been found mixed in with other sets of dinnerware with various decals. Some pieces were decorated with an exterior pearlized glaze and gold trim. These are sometimes misidentified as the Ivora shape. Expect "All-over" hollowware to be marked with a general HLC backstamp and date code.

Creamer with Woolworth's "all-over" pattern.

Sugar base with pattern B-1322.

9" plate with Woolworth's "all-over" pattern.

Sauceboat with floral decal.

Sauceboat with mark from June 1938.

Sugar and creamer with pearlized glaze and gold trim.
From the research files of Jo Cunningham

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