Laurel Hollow Park
Newell, West Virginia

Established 1907. Reestablished 2008. is made up of over 700 web pages filled with 10,000 images. It is divided up into the twelve subjects/thumbnails below. While the main focus is Laurel Hollow Park, there are also pages devoted to Newell and the surrounding area with emphasis on the pottery industry and Waterford Park. You can return to the main page by clicking on the banner found at the top of each webpage.

If you would like information on booking the park for a wedding or other event, please contact Bev Enochs at:

If you have a pottery related question, please consider joining the facebook group: Ohio River Potteries. Please note: the pottery webpages on and the Ohio River Potteries facebook page concentrate on identification only. Neither offer appraisal services.

Laurel Hollow Park

Newell, West Virginia

Vintage Homer Laughlin and The Fiesta® Tableware Company

Waterford Park

The Edwin M. Knowles China Company

Hancock County, West Virginia

Chester, West Virginia

The Taylor, Smith & Taylor Company

East Liverpool, Ohio

The Hall China Company

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